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Workshops for HR Practitioners and Leaders wanting to develop an effective, efficient approach for dealing with conflict, and workplace disputes.

If you spend too much time dealing with or worrying about workplace conflict, you are not alone!

Conflict exists in all workplaces and being skilled at recognising and responding to conflict is an essential tool for all leaders. Whether it is allegations of bullying and harassment, team disconnect or simply misunderstandings, our workplaces are complex, diverse and fast-paced environments, which bring together individuals with different mind-sets, experiences, standards, perceptions and expectations.

Join Nina Harding and Rachael Brady for this fast-paced and practical two-day workshop designed to help you better understand workplace conflict, learn and apply best practice conflict resolution models and make a positive impact on conflict. ​

Our engaging and interactive 2 day programs, will explore:

  • Sources of workplace conflict

  • Flexible, adaptable approaches for understanding and managing conflict

  • Conflict resolution models and frameworks for HR professionals and managers

  • The role of HR Professionals, Managers and Leaders in workplace conflict

  • Coaching in conflict

  • Applying mediation skills and tools at work

  • Case-studies and hypotheticals that provide an opportunity to develop skills

  • Helpful questions, prompts and conversation starters for working through conflict

  • Options available in supporting the resolution of workplace conflict

Nina and Rachael can deliver the workshop at your workplace and tailor the workshop to your team. Contact us today to chat about an in-house Workplace Conflict workshop.

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