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Workplace Conflict for HR Professionals

Program for 2 Day Workshop


9.30am Welcome and Overview

Session 1: Conflict at Work - Theory Part 1

  • Frameworks and theories to help us think about and understand conflict at work

Practical exercise

Session 2: The Regulation of Workplace Conflict

  • How is workplace conflict regulated? Law, policy and procedure.

  • How does this impact the way we deal with conflict at work?

Session 3: The Role of HR

  • How can HR be most helpful and effective in resolving conflict

  • Managing expectations during conflict

Exercise and discussion

Session 4: Interest based negotiation

  • A more constructive approach to understanding and engaging with conflict


Session 5: An introduction to the Mediation model for conflict resolution

  • Fishbowl Roleplay - observe a workplace conflict mediation and discuss what is happening and why.


Session 6: Skills for conflict resolution – Part 1

  • What works and what doesn’t?

  • Developing essential skills and helping others to become more skilful




9.30am Welcome and recap Day 1

Session 1: Skills for conflict resolution - Part 2

  • What works and what doesn’t?

  • Developing essential skills and helping others to become more skilful

Case study/Role play

Session 2: Working with challenging emotions and behaviour

  • What is going on here?

Exercise: Reflection

Session 3: Exploring options for moving forward in workplace conflict situations

  • There is no magic wand – what options are available for making progress in workplace conflict?

  • Managing parties and stakeholder expectations

Session 4: Case study/Role play

  • Final chapter

  • Debrief

Session 5: Managing the really tricky issues, including:

  • Conflict of interest

  • Health issues

  • Confidentiality

  • Litigation

  • Performance and misconduct management

Session 6: Building conflict resilient relationships and workplaces

  • The importance of relationships

  • Common causes of unhealthy conflict – practices to be avoided

  • Practices to make your workplace conflict resilient


Please note that programs may be amended prior to the workshop

© Nina Harding and Rachael Brady, 2018

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